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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 1, 2008 12:48:09 August 1, 2008 12:48:09

Beyonce and Jay-Z sighted last night in New York after dinner at the Spotted Pig. LOVE it when B goes casual. Look how tight she looks in a simple white tee and jeans. When Duana and I were in LA a couple of weeks ago, we walked into a store on Third and literally turned on our heels and walked right back out when the first thing we saw inside was a sign for her clothing line House of DeSh*ts.

Now THAT could cure a shopping addiction.

Anyway, B has kept a very low profile for almost half a year now. It’s a very good move. Admire a star of her stature who understands oversaturation. As such, she’s totally almost not annoying anymore.

Except for that whole refusal to confirm or deny the marriage business. You’ll note Jay’s not wearing his ring and she’s tucking her hand away. It’s as annoying as Gwyneth and Chris not talking about each other, not walking a carpet.

Then again, the four are close friends. If you can call my snotty Gwynnie out for being an irritating bitch, will you do the same for B?

PS. Can you imagine Gwyneth wearing the House of DeSh*t? Please let me see that before I die.

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