Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 1, 2011 13:18:12 November 1, 2011 13:18:12

Just when you thought Mariah Carey was the most obvious f-cking person in the world, Beyonce goes and gets pregnant. If Beyonce was oblivious to the definition of subtle before, it straight up doesn’t exist in her dictionary now.

Check her out, leaving Kanye West’s Halloween party in New York last night, in costume as a bee. As in bay-bee. As in Bey-bee. As in she’s having one, DID YOU NOT HEAR???

Speaking of Beyonce and Halloween, several of you dressed up as Beysus’s Little Rider confirmation at the VMAs for Halloween. Emily had her own wind machine and a tricked out mic and Monica managed to replicate the jacket. Aaaand... then there’s Raffi Torres.

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