Wear your ring to work

October 11, 2012 18:27:31 Posted at October 11, 2012 18:27:31
Lainey Posted by Lainey
Justin Steffman/ Splash

Here’s Blake Lively in New York today walking to her trailer on the set of Gossip Girl with her dog Penny and Ryan Reynolds’s dog Baxter. No, that’s not fair. It’s their dogs, Penny and Baxter. And her engagement ring. So she’s not being super precious about showing it and not showing it anymore.

Blake was also working on a scene with Penn Badgley and they looked happy and comfortable to be together which immediately reminded me of my favourite Gwen Stefani (solo) song Cool and yes, this entire article was just an excuse to post the video because I just watched it for the first time in a long time. Cool made me want to go to Como. Not George Clooney but Gwen Stefani. I’d be more cool with ex-lovers if I wasn’t so disgusted that they were my ex-lovers. This is how I know that I KNOW JLo.

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