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Brad Pitt’s mother, Jane Pitt, released a statement re: Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy yesterday:

“We’re so very proud of Angie, this means so much to our family especially our grandchildren. We love her dearly.”

Like her son, she’s using Jolie’s nickname here. For years they’ve always reported that Mrs Pitt and the Jolie were not close and that she was always hoping for a Jennifer Aniston reconciliation. As noted yesterday, the double mastectomy has demonstrated definitively how locked down the Brange can be when they want to be. Because it’s not like her procedures happened inside her home. And still not One.Single.Leak.

Jolie’s announcement yesterday also killed a lot of other rumours. Like the stupidly persistent one that she’s some kind of junkie. She’s not a junkie. She is, however, a mega control freak. Which is how she was able to take the world by surprise, dictate her own narrative, and remind everyone that when she decides to take over, there is no one else.

As Jolie promised in her NYT op-ed, more details about her treatment have now been made available through the Pink Lotus Breast Centre. Dr Kristi Funk writes that Brad Pitt, “her partner”, was there with Jolie through all of her surgeries, and was the first person she saw when she came out of anesthesia.  Just four days after her mastectomies, she was already working -- storyboards were plastered around the house, even though she was still attached to tubes. Click here to read more of Dr Funk’s account. Of course Angelina Jolie would be treated by a Dr Funk!

And you would not have wanted to be on staff at PEOPLE yesterday. It must have been an intense all-nighter to change the cover.

Magazines close on Monday nights. That schedule has been in play forever, and it’s one of the reasons Jolie insisted on having the op-ed released at midnight. You’ll note, even though the Brange has worked with PEOPLE in the past, they did not release an official statement to PEOPLE, choosing instead to go with the Standard in the UK for Brad Pitt’s quote. Still, PEOPLE cites information from sources who claim that Jolie will indeed go ahead and have her ovaries removed and, hilariously, the Daily Mail has published an “exclusive” about the Brange wedding, reporting that it will happen “sooner rather than later”. Please.

As you can imagine, the most coveted photo of the year has now become of the first shot of Angelina Jolie since this announcement. It will happen when she decides she wants it to happen. When do you think that will be? Will it be a set of candids with the kids? Or in a more formal setting?

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