Bradley Cooper: Two Oscar Dates

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 3, 2014 18:14:39 March 3, 2014 18:14:39

The actors always get the prime positions. And placing the actors is always a good game of hierarchy. Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio were nominated for leading performances so it made sense to have them in the front row. Julia Roberts had to sit in the second row because, presumably, she was in the supporting category. Oh but wait. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper were in the supporting category too and they were front and centre. Barkhad Abdi meanwhile got pushed well off to the side.

It's who they thought you'd want to see right up there on your television.

Jennifer Lawrence, I get it, no argument. Bradley Cooper too, apparently?

With two guest seats too: for his mother and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse, pretty much in the middle seat with her sh-tty hair and are-you-sure-you're-a-model? sh-tty dress. Steve McQueen's mother? All the way at the back!

Anyway, we've been building to this for a while now -- Bradley and Suki have been gradually getting more comfortable about their relationship in public. Great. Now we get to look forward to engagement rumours.

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