Was Rebecca Hall the other woman?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 17, 2010 07:40:00 March 17, 2010 07:40:00

This is what the British tabloids are trying to insinuate. That Rebecca Hall was the reason Kate Winslet left Sam Mendes although they stop well short of suggesting that Hall and Mendes had an affair. In fact, all they say is that Sam has worked with Rebecca several times and that Kate became uncomfortable with his support of Hall’s career. As already noted, Rebecca is indeed projected to have a bright future. Recently featured on the cover of Vanity Fair for the Hollywood Issue, and now competing with even Keira Knightley for her share of scripts, it’s certainly a tantalising storyline – acclaimed actress in her 30s threatened by a burgeoning actress in her 20s. But word is neither side is particularly sad about the split. And both are getting theirs, especially Kate. Of course everyone hopes she’s getting it from Leo.

Not surprisingly, already, reports are surfacing that he’s comforting her. She’s on holiday, he’s nowhere near there, but somehow he’s “comforting” her. She doesn’t look like she needs comforting. Click here to see photos. But there are still those who truly believe they belong together. So this picture is for them. A perfect candidate for Photo Assumption. From the Revolutionary Road premiere 2 years ago.

File photos from Wenn.com

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