Chicken Fried fresh summer crazy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 2, 2010 07:31:58 July 2, 2010 07:31:58

Sweet Jesus Lord, what the F-CK is happening here?

Chicken Fried Britney hit up a Starbucks yesterday with her bodyguard and decided to dress up for the occasion. Her weave cooperated as well. And for some reason, she was extra animated on the way to the car in the parking, happy one minute, agitated the next, and freaking our sh-t out as a result. Sometimes her crazy, it just sneaks up on you like a man with no teeth lurking around the corner. Right? Open up these photos, she’ll give you a start.

And the timing isn’t great either. Or maybe it is. You never know with these assbackward Spears folk. Britney has been accused of beating her children by what appears to be an exploitative, opportunistic ex-bodyguard. TMZ reports that his claims have no merit.

All this as Britney launched her new line of clothing and accessories for Candie’s at Kohl’s, available starting yesterday. They, um, claim that she designed the items. Have you seen the preview video? She can’t go 10 seconds without being edited. And, hilariously, doesn’t seem to have much to say about most of the pieces except for that they are all her “favourites”. My favourite is the “metal ... type... vibe”. It seems like she’s seeing this sh-t for the very first time. With her best friend who’s really her assistant. You’ll see below. Am attaching both the official “behind the scenes” clip and the real behind the scenes clip. Am obsessed. And you will be too. It’s a fascinating, unintentionally revealing glimpse at whatever is happening underneath that busted weave.


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