Bad hair belongs together

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 1, 2009 12:48:32 December 1, 2009 12:48:32

I’m so lame I still want Britney and Justin back together. This will never be. But it’s almost like their hair is trying to be. Bad hair belongs together.

As you can see, Pip’s is still all relaxed and douchey on the set of The Social Network. For a character, obviously, but still. in combination with his beat-me face it’s the most unattractive he’s looked in a long, long time. Like really, really unsexy. Imagine this loser approaching you at the bar flashing an expensive watch on purpose, casually dropping into his opening line that he drives a “lambo” parked out front. Gross.

And then there’s Chicken Fried Britney, back home after touring Australia, arriving to a mob at LAX, continuing to refuse proper weave care. Is it laziness? I will never understand this busted ass straw going out her head.

Star Magazine, infinitely reliable, is reporting in its new issue that’s she’s knocked up again. This time she’s pregnant for Jason Trawick, the boyfriend agent. Last week he proposed and she refused. The week before he was picking toe jam out of her left foot.

Not that she isn’t fertile, because obviously she is. But she’s too overmedicated these days. It’s highly, highly unlikely. And Team Spears would never allow it. No one wants to share the bank account with someone else.

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