Britney Spears at 25

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 4, 2006 12:00:00 December 4, 2006 12:00:00
A new quarter century and so far she hasn’t flashed her poonie. Other than that though, not much has changed. Same Mall Weave, same trash ass, dixie cup taste in clothing, same attention-seeking relationship with the paparazzi – Britney may be borderline learning impaired but she’s also one of the best, one of the most manipulative famewhores in the business, as you can see from her open antics at Mr. Chow during her birthday dinner. Attended by friends and manager, Britney chose a table bordered by a large glass window outside of which was perched a panting clusterf&ck of pappies recording her every move. Note the posing and the posturing and the peek at her panties with a hint of red lace and a few folds - hopefully fabric and not skin - and then of course the real fun began… a rendezvous with Paris at Hyde, of course, followed by a few hours of dancing before heading home at daybreak, a few hours of rest, only to light it up again on Sunday, photos on the way. In the meantime, Larry Rudolph seems to be having a slightly steadying influence on his charge – check out the video on X17 as she arrives at Hyde. He waits, he waits, he makes sure the lane is clear, he gets in the car to get her, he blocks her crotch on the way out, he covers her body with his for the final exit just in case, and then he takes her hand to guide her to the door. More chivalrous and considerate than KFed ever was. Dude is seriously unattractive and still…call me Cruise…but when he’s movin’ around and making sure her girly bits aren’t dangling all over the place, there’s an ugly-sexy vibe there, non? Or maybe it’s just me? PS. Notice Britney’s skin? It’s better than it’s been in years…small mercies, remember? X17 and Source

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