Chicken Fried driving meltdown

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 7, 2010 09:08:19 April 7, 2010 09:08:19

Could just be a case of Photo Assumption but the paps are claiming that Britney and Jason Trawick, her agent boyfriend, had a huge scrap in the car yesterday while she was driving. Which makes him a f-cking dumbass. I’m not the greatest driver in the world but you’re safer with me than you are in a car with Fried Chicken.

Anyway, Britney was apparently crying behind the wheel, becoming increasingly agitated, and an eyewitness told the photographers that at one point she started screaming her tits off at him and allegedly punching him in the face. There are no shots of that going down. Of course not.

There have been rumours circulating for weeks that she and Jason are on the outs. They shut that down recently by appearing publicly together at various coffee joints and low budget dessert shoppes. But really, this man is 38 years old. He’s babysitting a client. What do you think they talk about? There’s an expiration date on that kind of relationship.

Photos from GSI Media

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