Chicken Fried Liar

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 13, 2007 07:36:00 December 13, 2007 07:36:00

She bailed yesterday on her deposition claiming illness… but at 2am last night, Britney was driving around town with an assistant looking actually pretty good. And progressively smaller. And definitely not sick.

She also took time to chat with the paps, the same people she claims are hounding her constantly. As you can see in the video, they’re actually quite friendly. And she is quite friendly to them, looking at their digital photos, telling them what she does and doesn’t like, discussing how they should shoot her…


She zooms away... withOUT her assistant, leaving the poor woman waiting there for her until she realises a few blocks later that something’s missing.

Click here for the clip to watch Chicken Fried Stupid in action.

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