Britney: Birthday, abuse, Grammy

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The Grammy nominations were announced last night. Justin Bieber, not surprisingly, was nominated for Best New Artist. Like Britney Spears who did not end up winning the award. If you’re only 14 years old right now, you may argue that Bieber is way bigger than Britney ever was. You would be mistaken. There is and was no bigger than Britney when Britney was BRITNEY. The closest Bieber can come to this is, maybe, a tie.

It’s her birthday today. I thought I’d include photos of some of her Grammy and Grammy-related past appearances. What I really wanted to do was to include photos of her with Justin Timberlake. And I still might do that later. Just because I love looking at them, but also because HE hates looking at them, and right now, when his dick is so hard for an Oscar nomination, reminding people that he used to be with Britney instead of reinforcing that he’s a “legitimate” actor is probably the last thing he wants.

As for these abuse allegations...

Did you miss that yesterday?

Here’s a short recap:

Britney was married to some hometown loser called Jason Alexander on a wild trip to Vegas. That marriage did not make it past the weekend. Alexander still hasn’t gotten over the fact that he was almost Kevin Federline. He was so close to not having to work again his entire life. Maybe he’s short on cash. Whatever the motivation, he called up Star Magazine recently claiming to have in his possession an audio recording from an alleged phone call with Spears that went down two months ago during which she claimed she was beaten by current boyfriend Jason Trawick. The voice on the tape also says that her dad is taking care of the situation.

Alexander denies that the tape is a fake and supposedly passed a polygraph test – this according to Radar Online and Star Magazine. (Radar Online and Star Magazine are both owned by American Media.)

Britney’s people are vehemently denying the claims. They also say she and Alexander haven’t spoken in years. Sound experts have told TMZ that the recording has been tampered with. Many industry watchers seem to have already dismissed this story as a fraud. And me too. Not that I don’t believe that this could happen to her, but in this case, with this weak of a source, and this publication’s track record, and the shadiness of the “evidence”, it’s too serious of an accusation to believe on so little, and, more importantly, so unreliable.

Britney and Trawick spent Thanksgiving together with her sons and parents in Louisiana. They are still dating – she was spotted visiting him at work yesterday.

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