Chicken Fried Fro-Yo

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 6, 2010 14:15:15 April 6, 2010 14:15:15

Aside from that busted weave and her boots, it’s not so bad, is it? Relatively speaking. Britney and Jason Trawick went for frozen yoghurt yesterday. Apparently her eye makeup was super smudged and Jason seemed subdued but no crazy sh-t went down. So all in all, a successful outing.

Amazingly enough, there’s currently nothing on the Chicken Fried schedule. They’re not working her right now after working her almost all of last year. So she’s free which, sigh, sometimes isn’t a good thing either. You know.

They say she’s been focusing on her boys. Great. It’s been a while since those boys have been out. Am curious to see if they’ve changed. As Duana remarked last summer, it’s like her kids don’t grow. Maybe because they look so similar. I wonder if we’ll feel that way about the Chosen One and the Holy Twins.

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