Chicken Fried Acclaimed

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 22, 2007 14:11:53 October 22, 2007 14:11:53


Britney’s Blackout is getting very positive reviews earning an impressive 4 stars from the UK Times Online. Needless to say, she barely did any of the work (she barely showed up!)…but still. The album does have her name on it. And as mentioned earlier today, the songs don’t suck. In fact, they far from suck. They’re catchy and infectious and pure sinful pop and they will sell.

Which might explain why she’s dancing in a bikini in her yard. Caught by the paps grooving away with a ciggie in hand – from this angle, her body looks pretty good. And before you huff and puff on your email and go there, save your energy. Because I’m not going there.

She’s might be Chicken Fried Genetically Stupid and all kindsa messed up but she had two babies in two years. I am not ragging a bitch for her body after two kids in two years. Sorry.


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