Britney Free, Whereabouts Unknown

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As you know, Britney was released from Cedars after two nights – doctors declared she was no longer an imminent danger and could not hold her for treatment against her own will. Big sh*tstorm over the weekend about Dr Phil’s involvement: he says he was asked by family, ie her famewhoring parents, to visit with their daughter. Also declares releasing her is a mistake and that she is in serious need of intervention and supervision. Dr Phil claims he sat down with Britney for an hour and walked her to her car. on the other hand is calling him a liar, insisting that he should not have been allowed in her room and that when he blindsided her, she shut him down. After being forced to speak with him for only 15 minutes, Britney stormed out leaving him behind.

But OF COURSE he’s reportedly dedicating an entire show on the Family Chicken Fried this week. Of course he is.

Britney meanwhile decided to party as soon as she got home. She was seen in her car approaching the gates intending to leave at one point but then turned around because of the paparazzi swarm. Some say she was only going to the end of her driveway to pick up a friend. Heavy police presence then descended upon the house to protect her.

And still she supposedly managed to get away undetected. Somehow, Chicken Fried Crazy, who has been “diagnosed” bipolar by a smutty public, thereby eliciting sudden sympathy, somehow Britney apparently managed to hook up with her paparazzo boyfriend Adnan and escape to Palm Desert – this according to a restaurant manager at the Daily Grind, where she was seen drinking a mimosa at 10am in a very, very good mood, celebrating losing custody of her children.

Yes, Britney has serious, serious mental health issues. But she also appears to be lucid enough to engineer a disappearing act. At press time, her whereabouts are unknown though “family sources” keep leaking to People Magazine that she tested clean – despite a previous court assessment that she was a frequent and habitual drug user, the Spears seem intent on blaming Britney’s downward spiral on a psychological disease than a chemical dependency. People is also reporting that Britney DID NOT threaten suicide.

As for last week’s bizarre police incident – new details are emerging, as loopy as the OK! Magazine meltdown story I broke last summer. Am still writing, check back later for the exclusive breakdown.

As for the handful of you who’ve questioned Britney becoming Sad Smut: Sad Smut is a personal line. For many of you, Britney has crossed it and therefore I understand why you consider it as such.

Britney for me, while she may have been done a gross disservice by an irresponsible set of parents who pushed her into child star slave labour, the adult Britney, even with her mental instability, is not the victim Anna Nicole Smith was.

Multiple sources have revealed that Britney is inherently selfish and manipulative – beyond any emotional problems. Manipulative to the point where she understands her own media influence and selfsh to the point where she does not want to mother her own children. The automatic reaction to that is: well a woman must be crazy if she doesn’t want to raise her own kids. Can’t she be just a bitch?

Crazy people can still be bad people. With bad motives and bad intentions.

The question is: Is Britney crazy and misunderstood? Or is Britney crazy and selfish and deplorable?

The few of you who’ve declared sad smut have deemed her worthy of sympathy. Totally cool. What I’m saying is I’ve yet to decide. Until then, the Britney reports continue.

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