Chicken Fried – back to the studio!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 13, 2010 07:41:34 August 13, 2010 07:41:34

That phrase to me has always been about Bridget Jones. Remember the Lewisham fire station? It’s not the ass shot that kills me, it’s always her recovery, when she thanks the fire chief, commends him on his “excellent fire station”, and then points to the camera:

Back to the studio!

Goddamn I loved her so much in that role.

Anyway, this is Chicken Fried Britney Spears yesterday heading “back to the studio!” accompanied by her dad. It’s the best way to fix her, really. Crazy as it sounds, because that’s how they f-cked her up in the first place, work is what they do now to manage her head. When there’s focus there’s less time for leisure madness.

Yes. We know. Everyone knows. No one will shut up about it: Britney will be on Glee. Not just her music but HER. Looking and sounding like a zombie. My girl canNOT act. Can you imagine Britney acting opposite Justin Timberlake? Must See Unwatchable TV. Someone make this happen.

What else besides bad hair and smudged eyes in the world of Fried Chicken? Well, she hit up the Lady Gaga show the other day which kinda makes me sad. Because I wonder if she sits through performances like that and remembers herself. And then I wonder if there’s enough activity happening up there for any remembering at all.

Here, cheer up with ol’ Bridge – link.

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