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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 13, 2007 03:00:41 August 13, 2007 03:00:41

She was out late pretty much all weekend, tits flopping everywhere, nipples ready for action…and it looks like she’ll be paying for her partying. When a golddigger smells money, he will always always go for it. And if nothing else, Britney Spears did marry and divorce a shameless greedy f*ck.

Saturday night/early Sunday morning, Britney’s on again off again on again companion Alli Sims was ambushed as she left a party by Kevin Federline’s attorney, sending a messenger to deliver court documents requiring that Alli testify in the increasingly acrimonious custody battle between the exes.

Needless to say, given that Alli has seen Britney at her most atrocious and worse, Alli’s description of Britney’s mothering abilities (or more accurately, lack thereof) is expected to be extremely damaging. Add to that the fact that Lynne Spears is clearly siding with KFed and Britney is undoubtedly facing the humiliation of losing her children to a man who was once the most hated husband in Hollwood, who hasn’t had a real job in years, but who in spite of all that still appears to be the more responsible parent. Crazy town.

And you would think, you would that someone feeling that kind of heat would try at least temporarily to rein her sh-t in a little, non?


This is Britney, after all. It’s really too much to expect from a girl so genetically stupid. Which is why Britney she continued to hit the LA club scene this weekend surrounded by an exploitative gaggle of sycophants without regard for anything but VIP access.

In her flea-sized mind, all that matters is that people are looking at her bra-less breasts and that she actually looks less unattractive than usual. Chicken fried idiot.

PS. Her new fragrance ad. A scent called Believe.

Elizabeth Arden wants you to believe this is truly Britney. That a body double was not used in this photo.

Bitch… please!!!

Never mind the body double, I doubt they even needed Britney to show up for this shoot.

What’s sad though is that she actually did once look like this cute. Even during Crossroads she was actually capable of looking like this cute.

Now…impossible, though admittedly, the new weave is an improvement.

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