Twilight and Brooke Shields

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They were hanging out together last night at a bar/lounge – Brooke Shields with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Rachelle Lefevre, and several others.

You’ll recall, Brooke and Pattinson were on the same flight together from LA on Sunday night. Famous people meeting famous people and then becoming friends. Funniest part of the story though:

At one point RP was approached by some fans, he politely spoke to them, it was dragging on. So Brooke comes in for the rescue!

“Excuse me, I need to take him now”.

Cute, non?

Brooke is lucky she wasn’t attacked by a twi-hard. They can get out of control.

And please, please, please, before you start… absolutely not. She was acting more the part of a mother or older sister. Don’t even go there.

Brooke eventually left, leaving the kids to have their fun. And they did. Lots of laughter, maybe some card playing, and because I know this detail will matter to you: Pattinson kept his hood on the entire time.

As for what’s up on the New Moon set: continuation of the break up scene tonight and tomorrow.

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