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Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 1, 2009 05:55:25 June 1, 2009 05:55:25

This is the big debate. Was it real? Or was it staged?

I say totally staged.

A quick catch up in case you didn’t watch: “Bruno” swept down from the rafters in an angel thong get-up and was lowered ass first onto Eminem’s face. (Eminem passes spell check on Microsoft Word! Skank doesn’t). Anyway, Eminem is heard cussing, his people push Bruno off of him, and then he storms out.

Very convincing…

Only no fight broke out. No punches were thrown. And you know Eminem. If someone had disrespected him like that, without prior consent, would he really have walked away so peacefully?

It’s the like the Pamela Anderson stunt from Borat. This was planned. And of course they’ll deny it. It doesn’t work if they don’t deny it. It doesn’t make headlines if everyone’s in on the joke.

But according to Hollyscoop, Mark Burnett who produced the show had already hinted at something “epic” involving Eminem before air time. And conveniently enough, during the incident, for no apparent reason, Eminem was mic’d. Why mic him if he wasn’t intended to be heard?

Notice that the cameras were all in position to follow him out immediately? No scrambling, no fumbling, steady all the way, and perfect shots back and forth from Eminem to Bruno, immediately to Zac Efron. There’s production involved with that.

But it was amazing to watch. And uncomfortable. Just like Bruno will be for 2 hours on July 10th. A great way to kick off his promotional campaign.

PS. Lame sh-ts in Slim Shady for lipsynching.

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