Don’t hate the replacement

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 5, 2009 07:15:00 August 5, 2009 07:15:00

Twilight Eclipse cast members continue to acclimate to Vancouver – it was Bryce Dallas Howard who was spotted yesterday after a workout, getting into training mode to play the aggressive Victoria.

As you know, Bryce recently replaced Rachelle Lefevre and as you also know, Twi-Hards tend to fixate unreasonably on matters they cannot control. Focus the disappointment on Summit. They handled the situation so poorly. Total f-cking amateurs. But don’t hate the replacement.

Bryce is super talented. Have loved her since The Village. I may have been the only person who liked The Village. Most people hated The Village. Perhaps I was clouded then by my affection for Joaquin Phoenix, but the scene where they’re being called into their homes to hide, and blind Ivy holds out her hand, faithfully waiting, knowing Lucius will come, and the violin builds and builds, and finally he clasps it just as the monsters come…

The entire film for me was that scene.

Remember crazy ass Adrien Brody? Remember when Joaquin Phoenix was crazy ass hot?

Anyway, Bryce was great in The Village. She’s been great in everything. She’ll be great in Eclipse.

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