I hope JLH has her Bedazzler handy

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This week are the industry upfronts where television networks are announcing their lineups for next fall. Yesterday CBS announced they were cancelling seven series, including Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Ghost Whisperer. I tried watching Ghost Whisperer once. My eyeballs exploded in an effort to preserve my brain from any more damage. It was about as enjoyable as watching Hewitt Bedazzle herself.

The troubling aspect of this story—yes, more troubling than a woman who uses a Bedazzler in a way nature never intended—is that ABC is rumored to be considering picking up Ghost Whisperer and airing it on their network. While still not quite the norm, it is no longer unheard of for a show cancelled on one network to be picked up by another. But if a show is sucking on CBS, why does ABC think it will magically become better just because it’s on their station now? The only way ABC could make Ghost Whisperer not the stupidest show on TV is if they change the name and fire everyone involved with it, then hire new people to make a show about a girl who lives in a haunted house and she has to fight ninjas while solving mysteries with the ghosts. As dumb as that idea is, it’s still better than anything that Ghost Whisperer ever did.

I’m sure Jennifer Love Hewitt is dealing with the cancellation just fine. Nothing soothes the sting of having your television show cancelled quite like gluing rhinestones on your lady bits.

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