Hermy too Pretty, Sh-t by Association

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Want objectivity? Ok.

Hermy used to be hated. In fact, since I haven’t pushed my Chinese ass to update the Gossip Guide – site redesign coming, will be updated soon…promise – I think she’s still on there under the Hate List originally written in 2005. Why? For her bad attitude, for the bad hygiene rumours, for the formerly mashed up face…

Then of course Hermy Cam started smiling for the cameras and when attack mode was put away, Hermy Cam became Pretty Cam without a c*ck – Hermy put away. So Pretty Cam was given great blog space – glowing reviews, complimentary comments.

And believe me… I want to like her. I do. I want to like her for Drew. Because I love Drew. And I love Liv Tyler. And Liv Tyler seemed utterly enchanted by Cam on Monday at the Costume Institute Gala. So it’s Love by Association. Until now.

Now it’s Conceited Bitch, shut the f*ck up and sh-t by Association to the tune of both Paris Hilton AND Rachel Zoe? Oh no she dih-int.

Excerpts from the new interview with Jeanne Wolf – have you read it? First there’s this about being, like, so, like, unhappy:
"The last couple of years were hell. Like, I can"t even tell you, it was so hard. I didn"t know how to handle it. But I think I"m in a much better place now, because I stepped away for a second and took a breath. Hollywood is a funny place. It offers so much, but it can also take a lot away from you."

Most offensive however were Cam’s remarks about being pretty – being a victim of “pretty prejudice”:

"If a woman who"s a successful actress weighs 300 pounds and has warts, nobody ever asks her, "Do you think you made it because you"re ugly?" So why should there be prejudice against someone who"s had some success in films and looks a little better than average. It"s all in my genes, so don"t hold it against me."

Seriously gossips…ignorant just doesn’t BEGIN to describe it.

Some questions, some issues beg a canned response, you know? Questions about money and privilege and questions about being too pretty. Being too pretty!!! Being too pretty is worse than being too fat! Like, I can’t even tell you, it’s so hard…you know?

You’d think they’d have media training though. You’d think they would actually THINK before speaking… but no. Celebrities – THIS celebrity – is learning impaired. Worse yet, she’s the kind of moron who believes herself a genius, walks around believing her own genius, walks around letting her ego guide her straight to hell. If I were her publicist, I’d be cutting off a pound of my own flesh.

As for an alternative? Or a suggestion for next time?

How about this?

“You know, there are those who will always assume that people who are considered attractive are successful based only on their looks. I’ve been accused of that, and it’s insulting. But come on… at the end of the day, is this really something to complain about? That people think I’m pretty? I can think of a lot worse. And I’m really grateful for my opportunities.”


As for the birds of a feather thing… two weeks ago, Cameron Diaz was hanging out with Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton. For the last few months she’s been working with Rachel Zoe – stylist of starvation – and out on the town in NYC with her too. Now call me Cruise, call me a lesser person, but I can’t roll with that. I call it the Vladimir Syndrome...

Paris Hilton AND Rachel Zoe? It’s an unbreachable hurdle…as lovely as she is – here’s Cam at the Today Show this week – she’s back on the Hate List. This time for a while.

Ps. Speaking of the Rachel Zoe connection – Cam is fit and all but have you noticed a few signs of overboard skinny? You thought Cate Blanchett was too thin? Well have a look at Cam’s arms under the style supervision of Rachel Zoe… Coincidence or conspiracy???


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