Cammie & the Fraud?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 8, 2010 09:13:12 February 8, 2010 09:13:12

CAA always has a huge party every Superbowl weekend. Needing to give his career a boost, the GMD and Robo Katie Holmes showed up with his Knight & Day co-star Cameron Diaz to remind us that he’s a big star. ARod was there too. And they posed together for a photo. So now everyone is saying Manslinger’s discard is hooking up with Cammie D. Something about her mashing her ass against his crotch on the dance floor.


Have you seen Cammie dance? It’s kind of her only move. She’s always grinding up on someone/something. But does that mean they’re f-cking? Well... it’s certainly possible. And he certainly would want it. Cam on paycheque and stature and reputation can definitely stand up to Kate Hudson. She probably even exceeds her. And this motherf-cker loves the belt holes. He’s also a vain, egomaniacal bitch. Makes Pipsqueak seem somewhat humble. Could Cam stand that for more than one night? She’s a chill, burpy farty girl. She’d tire of his centaur bullsh-t quickly.

So I’m not sure I totally buy this. But I do buy that Tom wanted an introduction. And spent the rest of the night finding reasons for ARod to pick up something off the floor.

Photo from : George Pimentel/

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