Springtime Cameron

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 28, 2009 12:57:56 May 28, 2009 12:57:56

Total gorgessity.

After a few days in Hawaii, Cammie D was spotted in New York today, casual and stylish and long, wearing maybe the best hair of her career. Lately her hair looks amazing.

SHE looks amazing.

And there’s a lot more of her to see very soon. My Sister’s Keeper opens in less than a month on June 26th. Cameron is already on the cover of the current Parade. And Vogue. And she’ll make the talk show rounds. And she’s presenting at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend with a star-studded lineup.

They say she’s single now following her split from Paul Sculfor and a – please please no – Chateau Marmont lunch with that cheese Adam Levine. However, Cam loves hooking up at awards shows. She and Justin Timberlake at Kids’ Choice. And there is much to choose from on Sunday.

Enough of this Edward and Bella nonsense...

How about Cameron and Robert Pattinson? Let him taste an older woman. Besides, it’ll make Pippy crazy...although Sienna Miller is also scheduled to appear and, you know, I've been calling for a Miller/Pattinson hookup for months.

LOVE awards show. Can't wait.

Photos from Jackson Lee / Splash News

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