You already had a squeaker

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 18, 2009 03:16:00 May 18, 2009 03:16:00

Please Cam…no.

She already dated a pipsqueak in Justin Timberlake. Now word is she’s single again having broken up with Jennifer Aniston’s former faux beau and is hooking up with…

Adam Levine.

Helium balls.


They had lunch at the Chateau Marmont. Photos here. Naturally this means they’re totally f-cking.

I don’t buy it but still…

She gorgeous, she’s A list, he’d squeak himself silly for a piece of that, I guess it’s not impossible. But if it’s true it’s also a downgrade. Cam can do MUCH, much better. Her new spread in Vogue proves it.

The photos are beautiful. She looks amazing. In the prime of her life. Effortless, natural, accomplished.

See more photos and read the rather UNsightful article here. There’s also a video from the shoot.

Cam is promoting My Sister’s Keeper, a departure from her standard comedy. Am not impressed so far with the trailer. And – SPOILER ALERT – they apparently changed the ending and fans of the book are extremely upset. Diaz has many strong qualities. Much as I like her now that she’s not with the Pip, acting isn’t at the top of the list.

But this is not the primary concern. The primary concern is Adam Levine. You already had a squeaker. Never go back.

My Sister’s Keeper trailer

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