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Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 27, 2009 09:24:10 February 27, 2009 09:24:10

Shelfy comes rushing in?

Cameron Diaz was photographed happy and lovely yesterday in New York heading to a meeting – regardless what you think of them, Cammie D (unlike Jessica Biel) makes movies that actually get released in theatres! – just a few days before appearing on Jimmy Fallon’s first week at Late Night.

Oh yeah…

Cam’s been confirmed as a guest too. Just like her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Not that there’s anything going on between the two of them anymore, hell no, but the baseless speculation is bound to infuriate Jessica Biel. And before you know it she’ll be rushing over to have her picture taken, just in case anyone were to suggest that she and the Pips were anything less than solid.

Shelfy celebrates her birthday on March 3. No doubt we’ll be treated the next day to every last detail about how Justin helped her celebrate. Can’t wait.

Photos from VILA/ANDERSON/ and Mejia /Asadorian/

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