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Canadians in Cannes

May 18, 2009 02:17:00 Posted at May 18, 2009 02:17:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Saturday night, Grey Goose party at the Chateau de la Napoule. A real chateau. Not some fake Adrien Brody upstate New York cheese ass girlfriend sh-t. Legit French chateau, spectacular setting. Grey Goose parties are the best. If you ever get invited to one, put aside everything and go. Be like Tara Reid and book on points. Full Story

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Cheese & Carbs on the Croisette

May 15, 2009 07:27:24 Posted at May 15, 2009 07:27:24
Lainey Posted by Lainey

Ryan Phillippe’s CarbFace arrived in Nice on Thursday, surprisingly not wearing a beater tank. Am shocked. Ryan is at the festival for The Bang, Bang Club which he’s been shooting in South Africa. He’ll be joined by Canadian co-stars Malin Akerman and – yes! – Taylor Kitsch for advance press and marketing events in support of the film. Full Story

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Average > Dried bitter melon face?

May 13, 2009 13:58:00 Posted at May 13, 2009 13:58:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

My husband has been on me all day about featuring Shu Qi because he’s been stalking her on Getty. He thinks he’s an Asian specialist now, he can actually tell us apart. And right now he’s all about how hot she is. Can’t get over how hot she is. Me I’m partial to Maggie Cheung. Full Story

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Festival Tilda

May 13, 2009 12:23:00 Posted at May 13, 2009 12:23:00
Lainey Posted by Lainey

It begins. Another Cannes Film Festival. And at tonight’s opening gala, a goddess arrived. Her name? Tilda Swinton. Please. Who else? I LOVE how far she has to bend down to greet that woman. I LOVE how graceful she is. I LOVE how beautiful she is. Beautiful but not delicate. And this is good. Full Story