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Festival Hopping with U by Kotex

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 18, 2013 16:43:12 April 18, 2013 16:43:12
London Entertainment / Splash News

Here’s how I see the year in entertainment -- as a cycle: the heat begins in May and ends in February (next year March) with the Oscars. May, of course, means CANNES! And this Cannes is opening in 3D. This Cannes is a Baz Luhrmann Cannes. This Cannes is a very, very pretty Leo Cannes. Not quite as pretty as he was in Romeo & Juliet (no one ever is as pretty as when they’re 20) but beautifully lit, beautifully shot, and on The Great Gatsby premiere night with the Croisette in the background, wearing a tux, heading up those red steps…? The money shot will be the one of him looking over his shoulder into the distance. Full Story