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If you have to ask what TMNT is it means you might not get the story.

I’d not seen Carey Mulligan in almost a year since last TIFF. Sometimes you forget how breathtaking they can be. She can be. She is. So much.

It’s more than what she looks like, although that is truly, truly lovely – her delicate face, warm eyes, lips that always look like they want to laugh, and she really does shine with a short bright haircut. But over and above the appearance, it’s how she is, how she speaks, that sexy voice, deep and accented, which, as a lifelong anglophile, please, it’s impossible to resist. And then it gets better when she’s funny.

So you know, at these events, you ask the super serious “reporter” questions (ie. How did you approach this role and what elements of the character do you most relate to blah blah whatever whatever boring) and then you throw in a fun one, and the way I’m doing it, especially for this one hour special we’re cutting, we’re looking for a short 60 second story, a light little piece in between all the film geek business about celebrities in costume, just to mix it up.

My question for the weekend and which I’ve been asking everyone is: if you were coming to Comic-Con but wanted to go undetected, what would be your costume?

Remember a couple of years ago, Johnny Depp was walking around the convention hall in a plushy suit???

You can imagine Justin Timberlake’s reaction to that question. Exactly.

Carey Mulligan?


She could not wait for me to finish asking it. She was bursting to answer it. She may have even wanted to jump up and down.

TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was SO f-cking cute I almost kissed her. Big smile on her face. And giggling.

I was like, um, wow Carey, you didn’t have to think about that at all.


Have you heard someone say that with a British accent? It’s hot.

Obviously I had to follow up with the next logical question, because if you know TMNT you know there are 4!

Again it was like she couldn’t wait to tell me. Again it was almost as if it was some kind of fantasy of hers:

And that’s the story of why I love Carey Mulligan. Also we joked around about how it sucks to look at Ryan Gosling because, clearly, he’s really just so ugly, right?


Have you seen the trailer? It’s ridiculous. This movie is ridiculously awesomely crazy good. You HAVE to go see it. But let me just point out one thing. And it’s not really a spoiler because they put it in the trailer and it’s not a plot point but some of you hardasses might consider it to be so think about it before you read on although if you’re a pervert you definitely do want to read on...

The scene, in the elevator, when he kisses her?

OMG – that is NOTHING compared to what it’s like in the film.

We went to the FilmDistrict party last night where they were showcasing their two properties: Drive and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. They were playing that kiss clip on a loop the entire time. Dylan and the guys were like, No fair, the slow motion kissing, that gives him a HUGE advantage.

It really does.

The entire kiss is in slow motion, but it’s not chopped up like how it is in the trailer. He moves her behind him with his arm, there’s a f-cking assassin standing next to him, and he has to, I mean he HAS to, it’s ludicrous but it’s so strong between them he just HAS to, turn around and ... Dylan is right - in slow motion, that entire kiss, it lasts forever and ever and ever and ever and hotter and hotter and hotter and it is SUBLIME. And, well, I won’t tell you but what happens after...? You will have to hold back a moan. For real. Like, maybe you shouldn’t see this movie if you’re prone to horny rages. Because goddamn, the two of them together will bring one on in you, I promise.

This is the red band trailer.

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