Country Bitch through security

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 18, 2009 15:32:07 March 18, 2009 15:32:07

If I ever went through airport screening with my shades on, some security bitch would have my ass on the ground with my knees behind my back faster than you can say Carrie Underwood has an attitude problem. Celebrities have it so easy.

Carrie Underwood absolutely can’t go through security without her sunglasses on, hell no.

Here she is at LAX today, destination unknown. Perhaps to see Mike Fisher? The Sens play Montreal tomorrow at home, right? Will there be a Country Bitch in the box? Word is she’s purchased 4 seats for the season.

Have to snort about some of the comments you’re sending in. Like the fact that Mike is very community minded, does a lot of charity work, visits to the hospital so… how long will she be able to keep that up? Probably pains her to be nice more than it pains the Alba Demon….


Ok maybe it’s a tie.

But you get the point. How long before Carrie Underwood buckles from the strain of having to be pleasant to the peasants?

PS.Hello Kitty t-shirt. Enough said.

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