Country Bitch Hair Fumble

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 8, 2010 07:23:04 February 8, 2010 07:23:04

What has to happen for this hair to be a reality? What is the process? How does one ASK for this hair? Who would ask for this hair? Well, obviously, the Country Bitch.

Many of you were offended by her costume. To me the costume served its purpose. It’s the Super Bowl. You bring it as hard and as tacky as possible.

But the hair...

How does a 26 year old girl, an attractive girl, allow herself to be styled with this hair? It’s clipped back in a half feather, with tendrils pulled down both sides, and then tied up in a low ponytail... WHAT?

When was this in style? Was it ever in style?

Carrie Underwood is getting married. You think about that. Think about her dress. Think about the BRIDESMAID dresses. Bridesmaid dresses are already horrific. And in the hands of a Country Bitch who can’t share? Those poor girls. Am shuddering already.

Photos from Donald Miralle, Win McNamee, Andy Lyons/

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