Country Bitch Photo Assumption

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 24, 2009 07:16:37 December 24, 2009 07:16:37

She was photographed at the Sens game the other night watching her fiancé on the ice and appearing to study her own new ice. Experts are estimating that Carrie Underwood’s engagement ring from Mike Fisher is valued anywhere from $150K to a million dollars. It certainly looks big enough. Huge. But is it good enough for the Country Bitch? You’ll note, she normally sits in a box. And yet after he proposed and the news got out, she was remarkably out in the open for the cameras.

So let’s play our favourite game, shall we? Let’s Photo Assumption the Country Bitch:

This better look big on camera. And it better not come from some rinky dink Canadian jeweller.

Now your turn.

Thanks Heather!

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