Country Bitch and some guy

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 7, 2008 06:02:55 October 7, 2008 06:02:55

Country music’s biggest bitch was in Toronto the other day and she’s apparently dating some guy called Travis Stork who used to be on The Bachelor…

Thanks to Ashley for sending this in – she saw them at Café Nervosa in Yorkville on Sunday:

They sat at a table that gave me a perfect view of them - like, I couldn't help but watch them because they were right in my line of sight! So, I watched. They were mostly boring. I was hoping Carrie would have a meltdown on her server so I would have something interesting to tell you but, no such luck. They didn't seem to say too much to each other and what they did say was really quiet. Madonna was playing in the restaurant and Travis sort of grooved in his seat a little bit. At one point she put her hands on the middle of the table, palms up, and he held them for a minute. And, I saw her wink at him and he winked back but that was the only affection I saw. The highlight was when I could basically read her lips as she sort of grinned at him and asked if she had any spinach in her teeth! Teehee. She didn't. Then they left. They were both super casual - jeans and hoodies and t-shirts. He had a little shopping bag from Guess with him. It all seemed so normal.


I don’t know any straight men who’d groove while seated at the table to Madonna. Just saying.

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