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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 7, 2013 15:24:38 November 7, 2013 15:24:38

Carrie Underwood wore 10 different outfits last night while hosting the Country Music Awards. It was not a record. Last year it was 12. If you had 10 chances to get it right, how many do you think you could hit? At least one, right?

I almost love that she couldn’t even manage one. It’s like when the Miami Dolphins, my favourite football team (and of course I am sickened by this Incognito scandal), were flirting with a winless season a few years ago. At a certain point I wanted them to go 0 for 16. I was hoping for it. 0 for 16 is way more entertaining and memorable than a 2 win season. Like, if you’re going to f-ck up a dive, you might as well make it a belly flop, right? And this is where we find Carrie Underwood.

Going 0 for 10 on fashion, especially with her access and profile…? It’s SPECTACULAR.

Having said that, to be fair, because I’ve only watched the opening monologue, I’ve never found Country Bitch less annoying than I did last night. She’s comfortable up there, and her chemistry with Brad Paisley is excellent. Has she accepted the fact that maybe she just can’t keep up with the Lamberts and the Swifts? If so, she’s finally doing it gracefully. But if there was any bitchface or cut-eye at any point, you’ll have to let me know.

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