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Almost there. Not quite but almost…

Tomorrow is the UK premiere of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Today, the photo call. Members of the cast were at Claridge’s this morning to kick off a media storm in advance of the carpet and more promotion later on the in the week.

As usual, of course, Emma Watson is flawless. Poor Jessie Cave (Lavender Brown), however, who is new to this, may need a little help wardrobe-wise. It’s not the green leggings. The green leggings are fine. It’s everything above the leggings. Sorry, but that’s a mom top.

And I don’t know what Daniel Radcliffe is wearing. Reminds me of Orlando Bloom’s costume in Pirates of the Caribbean. Tom Felton’s pants aren’t working for me either. Seriously, this entire lineup is a trouser disaster – WTF?

Style problems aside, what we really care about the film itself. And most reviews so far have been overwhelmingly positive. The UK Sun called it “masterful”. Variety says it’s “dazzling.” And for those who want more about what Laura felt after her screening last week – here we go but don’t read if you don’t want a few mini spoilers.

They’ve taken some artistic liberties with some key scenes – specifically Dumbledore’s death and Draco’s murderous act. Which is interesting because Jo usually has a hand in the screenplay, so if it was written this way, there has to be a reason…and could the reason be revealed in the next 2 films? Gah!

Also, the chemistry between Harry and Ginny is HOT. When they kiss it’s hormone heaven. The kiss SIZZLES. Same goes for the jousting between Hermione and Ron. The teen romance angle is delightful. As for Harry himself – you will love him the most. Harry is growing up. And Harry is wonderfully endearing. In this film more so than all the others.

8 days. 8 LONG days. Are you ready?

Photos from GF/Bauergriffinonline.com

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