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At Comic-Con this weekend – nine months before the release of Iron Man 2 – Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr came back to the place that started it all. It was at Comic-Con 2007 where Favreau unveiled a rough cut clip of his first film that earned the approval of hardcore geeks everywhere and started the anticipation that led to its surprising success at the box office.

Needless to say, even more is riding on the sequel. And judging from reaction at this year’s convention, the outlook is encouraging.

Favreau faked a super cheesy trailer. And the audience was shocked. Then RDJ was like –what the f-ck was that? That was bullsh-t!

Which was the perfect prelude for 5 minutes of amazingness that had the crowd hyped. Early word is this: Iron Man 2 will be badass.

If you want spoilers and more of what was shown, click here. Apparently War Machine looks CRAZY. And you’ll love what RDJ says to Scarjo about her “body of work”.

Speaking of Scarjo…

Scarjo is obviously the studio’s golden girl right now. Over Gwyneth Paltrow.

G was not on the panel. G did not attend Comic-Con. G was not featured on the recent Iron Man 2 issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Is G being meangirled?

She’d tell you that she doesn’t care, that it was a relief not to go because she cannot bear to be away from her children even for an hour and that it’s criminal to not enjoy every waking moment with them if you want to be the Best Mother That Ever Lived.

But that doesn’t change the fact that it seems like they’re not inviting her to the party. And Gwyneth has never been the girl not invited to the party. I’m sure you are all throwing a party to celebrate.

And finally…

Who had the most costume changes at Comic-Con?

Definitely RDJ.

He was there for both Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes. As you can see, there was an ensemble for every occasion. Sexy bitch.

Also… Sam Rockwell makes me quiver.

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