The Most Beautiful Vampire

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Twilight has confirmed another casting coup:

Oscar nominated Catalina Sandino Moreno will join Eclipse as Maria making her officially the most beautiful vampire on the roster. Unless of course you ask a Twi-Hard. Otherwise, it’s hard to argue. Crazy f-cking gorgeous. I love her. I have loved her since Maria Full of Grace. I have gushed about her since Maria Full of Grace. And I’m been girlcrushing on her hard since laying my eyes on her in France.

You think she’s beautiful in photos? Please. In person, this girl is from the mouth of Shiloh.

We saw her at AMFAR in Cannes last year. As I said at the time, she easily outshined several supermodels on the carpet without a trace of foundation. Donovan sent back footage once of her and it was several interrupted minutes of full body shots, unconscious worship from his camera.

To borrow from Stephenie Meyer’s limited vocabulary: he was staggered.

Also on the Twilight front: Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel heading out together yesterday. And Ashley Greene this morning walking her dog in the rain. With the arrival of several pap teams from Los Angeles in hot pursuit of the cast, they’ve stayed pretty low key, sticking to the schedule consisting of fight training and fight choreography and a lot of camera/screen testing, and staying indoors.

Robert Pattinson in particular is trying to hide out.

Am told by Vancouver airport sources that they’ve never had a request like the one they had for him the other day to get him out of YVR, a stealth exit so as not to be surrounded by crazies. Said the source: that kid is afraid for his life.

Not that you doubted it but you can see an example of what he’s running from at Entertainment Weekly. The new cover features Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. Now scroll down here and read those comments.

Those losers are now upset with the magazine because Pattinson wasn’t invited to the party. And the Lautner fans are arguing in his defence. And then they start fighting each other. Awesome.

Hate mail? You got it.

From Catherine P:


Yur boring the f-cken sh-t out of me with this bradgelina bullsh-t. Just look at the magazins. Every one knows ROBSTEN is the new Brad and Angelina! THERE THE BEST COUPLE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! Fight it fight it fight, boo boo boo boo hahahahaahahahaahaha it’s in your face you ass licking whore! Your a pathetic excuse for a bitch and sorry human being, egg on your ugly face!

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