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I’m dying to have a deep read of this Alicia Vikander Vanity Fair article. I only allowed myself the first paragraph this morning because I’m under deadline, but it mentions Australia (oh lord not again) and Michael Fassbender and his schedule. “She’s wearing a light-blue button-down shirt that, even if it isn’t her boyfriend’s, looks like it should be.” Yes it’s called Boyfriend style. You don’t need a boyfriend to wear it.



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Brie Larson is at Osheaga. I’ve actually enjoyed looking at photos from this festival, it’s nothing like Asshole Felt Hat Fest aka Coachella

My money is on the blonde.

This is Leo’s summer girlfriend Nina Agdal holding Richie Akiva’s (the owner of 1Oak and Wolfpack member) dog. The bonafide always gets a nice vacation and is allowed to post shots of friends/pets/the view.


Sorry, were busy 🐢

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Ashton gets in on the Bad Moms promotion because he and Mila are such privatey priversons.

Lupita wins the Summer ’16 vacation photo contest, so we don’t need any more entries from celebrities in Ibiza or Mykonos.


Serenity. Paradise found. @themuliabali #EscapeToMulia

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Whatever Selena is trying to say with her new look, I’m listening.



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The Story of Au Fudge is a book? I think I’ve heard this one: Jessica Biel used to get the odd movie role and can’t anymore, so she opened a restaurant. The end.

Did you watch this video over the weekend? It has introduced me to Gianluca Vacchi and Giorgia Gabriele -- he is an executive and she is a model; together, they are an international couple of mystery. They also run a lifestyle website that is part Dos Equis man, part Versace (in the Gianni era). It makes Goop and Draper James look like school craft projects.


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