Smutty Social Media, January 14, 2016

January 14, 2016 19:46:11 Posted at January 14, 2016 19:46:11
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This is why I am not suited to practice mindfulness – I don’t want to be lectured by a tea bag.



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Valid point, each and every one.

Does this mean she’s pregnant, or is she talking past procreation? Who knew Porny could be so mysterious.


Happy to procreate with this Man πŸ”₯

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“Happy Birthday Orly” – it was Orlando Bloom’s birthday yesterday. No shame in this game.


Happy bday Orly -celebrate kindness and who you are

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Younger started last night and it’s not playing in Canada yet. So bummed.


@suttonlenore @youngertv #youngertv

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Mary J. Blige loves Gwyneth. Does that make you hate G more or less?

I hope Sarah reviews 13 Hours, because I’m intrigued by the John Krasinski/Michael Bay pairing.

Hamilton, Duana, Hamilton!

I had a cable guy stand in my kitchen explaining TV to me for 20 minutes, so I made my friend call me to rush him out/make sure I didn’t get murdered. (Also I’m a touch sad that Sarah wasn’t nominated for I Smile Back, and I think they are missing an opportunity if they don’t ask her to present.)

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