Smutty Social Media, July 14, 2016

July 14, 2016 19:19:03 Posted at July 14, 2016 19:19:03
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Pony is Channing Tatum’s song, don’t even try it Alex Pettyfer.

Amy Schumer isn’t worried about being in the same category as Beyoncé.


And very proud of this one. Thanks @chrisrock we will totally best lemonade. No sweat

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Jack Pratt is not here for his dad’s struggle Donald Duck pancake.

I keep expecting Lorde to weigh in on Calvin/Taylor like she did with Diplo but obviously she’s a little busy.

Gwyneth with a fantastic tan.

Nicole Richie is out to support Rachel Zoe’s Net-a-Porter capsule collection. I legitimately want to know how the friendship was repaired after Nicole called Rachel a “raisin face.” It’s such a specific insult. (Side note: how did she get a luxury capsule collection? The quality of her clothes is… not good.)

I would definitely eat prawns with Sarah McLachlan because she does it the proper way – with her hands. It’s supposed to be messy. Have you ever seen someone eat prawns with a knife and fork? It’s unsettling in the same way a person who wears jeans to lounge around the house is unsettling. I suspect it’s low-key psychopathic behaviour.

Love this Essence cover with Zendaya.


What an honor @essence

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The Yelp review Titus Burgess left on Yelp is EVERYTHING.


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