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UnREAL’s premiere was definitely worth the wait. The Hot Rachel detail was so good.


Mornings with Hot Rachel #unrealtv

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Can Meryl win an Oscar for this?

I’ve often wondered if a Girls/Broad City crossover could ever work.


w/ my broad bitties

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Wow Luke Wilson looks like Luke Wilson again. He was super puffy for awhile.


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But don’t give Justin Bieber any attention OK? Stop looking at him, he feels like a zoo animal.

This looks like an oil painting.



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Oh I hate Karlie Kloss’s shoes. Like really hate them. Who decided Swarovski crystals were good for anything but those weird animal figurines.


running out the door to the #CFDAAwards 💎@Swarovski

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Some of the lower-tier tabs are saying that there’s tension surrounding Pitch Perfect 3, which is why Elizabeth won’t be directing. I think I’ll take her at her word and it conflicts with her schedule at home – she strikes me as too professional and invested in it to give it up over “infighting.”


LONDON #springtime

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I love that Duana loves Beyonce’s unauthorized biography. Bey told a very similar story in this interview, it starts at the 16:19 mark. Hard to believe this was just 5 years ago. Since then, she’s mostly stopped speaking publicly, and Piers has gone interviewing the biggest stars in the world to trying to troll Chrissy Teigen on Twitter.


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