I would never trade her

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 24, 2012 20:22:04 August 24, 2012 20:22:04

You know what people always say when someone’s an embarrassment? Can we trade him/her? Maybe this is just what happens in Canada. A lot of people have been doing it this week with the announcement of that engagement. You know the one. I’ve even heard Canadians suggest Celine Dion now and again.


Dumbest idea ever. 

I would never trade Celine Dion. I’d go so far as to hand her a NEVER CAN BE TRADED card. Why would we ever want to give up the lunging and the chest thumping and the feeling, oh so much the feelings, and of course, the miracles! How could we ever give up all the miracles!?!?

Here’s Celine being Celine in the new issue of V Magazine. Obviously the pictures are amazing. But the video...

The video is like... Beyonce’s Tumblr, only French Canadian cheese styles. I don’t have to tell you how good Celine is at spending her money, right? God, look at her. You are f-cked if you’d put her on the trade block. Crazy.

All this talk and writing about trades reminded me of Dave Chappelle’s Racial Draft which I just watched for the 800th time. Hilariously Chappelle dropped in on Toronto City Hall this week and randomly had his photo taken with Mayor Rob Ford. Click here to see. I mean, if we’re on the subject of which citizens we’d want to trade away...

Racial Draft

Tim | Myspace Video


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