Celine’s heart will go on

July 8, 2016 19:40:21 Posted at July 8, 2016 19:40:21
Lainey Posted by Lainey
KCS Presse/ Splash News

See? You see how generous she is?

I have been waiting all day for Celine Dion to step out of her hotel in Paris to give us something, something we can share, something we can group hug about. I begged for it in the open. And she came through, as she always does.

For the last couple of weeks, every day, Celine has been exiting in fashion. Literally. Today? Today it’s a sweatshirt. But look closely…

If ever a sweatshirt could be a song, it would be this sweatshirt. And if ever there was anyone who would wear a sweatshirt as a song, it would be Celine. And of course, IT WOULD BE HER OWN SONG. You hear it, can’t you hear it?

Wherever you are…

She is telling you a message. It’s not a subtle message. But when have you ever known Celine to send a subtle message. I feel like she’s completely eliminated that word from her vocabulary. Celine is sharing with us that her heart will go on. And hoping that, with her, our hearts will go on too.

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