Lunged me back to life

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 6, 2013 15:29:23 November 6, 2013 15:29:23

Here are the Canadians who’ve been representing Canada on the world stage lately:

Rob Ford and Justin Bieber

Is it our finest moment? Or our lowest moment?


There is however a Canadian whose representation of Canada is never debatable. Celine Dion is ALWAYS AMAZING.

Celine was in London last night promoting her new album. She was in the bathroom recently testing out her music. Thanks to Alan for sending me this video, maybe the best video you’ll watch all day…unless Rob Ford decides he wants to make more confessions.

It’s not just that she’s yodelling next to the toilet, it’s also that in the corner of the frame you can see her making those awesome “crazy kooky” Celine faces that you love her for. She’s acting like it’s so embarrassing that people are watching her rehearsing in the loo… BUT THERE’S A CAMERA IN THERE WITH THEM!?!

She’s the BEST.


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