To borrow from Harold & Kumar…

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 4, 2008 10:51:41 August 4, 2008 10:51:41

Chad Michael Murray has date rape face. A very bad case of it.

We rented it this weekend, like the perfect Saturday night for my husband. The beach, then a barbecue, and Harold & Kumar 2…enhanced.

Anyway, Kumar finds out the love of his life is marrying some preppy pretty boy called Colton Graham. After meeting Colton Graham, Kumar says he can’t believe she’d give her life away to a dude with “date rape face”.


That guy totally had date rape face. Just like Chad Michael Murray.

This is CMM at Teen Choice last night. At least he understands his limitations, you know? Because Chad Michael Murray will never be more than Teen Choice. Ever. At 27, where else can he move from One Tree Hill? Who over the age of 13 even cares?

I wonder if his anorexic infant bride still cares…

Seriously, that child needs to eat. Or else he’ll cheat on her. Oh wait, he would do that anyway. Probably already has.

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