Understatement of the Year

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 3, 2008 09:27:00 April 3, 2008 09:27:00

Chace Crawford’s sister Candice spoke to People.com about her brother’s break up with Carrie Underwood, explaining that “he was upset” over the split but that he’s now “doing okay”.


I’d say he’s doing better than okay.

If you were chained to a bitch day and day out and her name wasn’t Madonna, wouldn’t you be miserable too? Please.

Post Carrie, Chace Crawford is not miserable. He was never miserable. Trust.

But heartbreak always works for the lady fans. Lady fans love sensitive dudes. Look what happened to Nick Lachey. He assumed the role of the dumpee and ended up selling more records than his ex wife. It’s a formula that works.

As for what Chace has been up to lately, when he’s not maybe gaybe-ing with JC Chasez, word is he’s working diligently on Gossip Girl and on the party circuit too. Something about his nose.

Photo from Wenn.com

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