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The opening night red carpet is now underway in Cannes. Here’s how it works at the Palais:

The non-festival people usually arrive first. This includes Euro actors, models, Eva Longoria most years, and people like Phoebe Price. They blast loud music out from the speakers to entertain the massive crowds that line the Croisette. People start screaming for people you’ve never even heard of. It’s an amazing spectacle.

Then it’s the jury’s turn. Since this is the first day, they’ll likely walk in a line at some point, and pose together straight across, at the top of the steps. In a few days, they won’t bother. Those involved with the gala film are traditionally always the last to arrive. Unless some famewhore makes a late appearance. This happens sometimes and it’s a signature As IF Cannes moment.

Tonight, of course, as you know, it’s Baz Luhrmann’s moment with The Great Gatsby. I’ll post those photos later. For now, here are Cindy Crawford and Paz Vega, both in white. Cindy’s with Eva Cavalli. She’s wearing Roberto Cavalli. Roberto is pretty much the patron saint of Cannes cheese. One of the great highlights of my Cannes most years is to see him zooming around on his segway.

Last year, hilariously, Lorella and I were waiting at the docks for a tender to take us over to a yacht party. All the expensive yachts are usually white, with blue accents. Except for this one eyesore of a massive floating boner that was purple with turquoise accents. It was heinous. Lorella, who is Italian, was all like -- oh I prefer that one, it’s so pretty. Two minutes later, we overheard someone point out that it was Cavalli’s boat. I laughed for a week. She laughed for a week. We still laugh when we remember it.


Pascal Le Segretain/ Getty

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