Cloud 10 Entertainment and My Travel Style

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 10, 2015 14:29:26 March 10, 2015 14:29:26

I wouldn’t say I’m the most relaxed traveller. It’s because I like order. And, well, there are so many unpredictable variables these days when you travel: the weather, the airline switching aircrafts resulting in you losing your aisle seat, constantly worrying about the luggage, traffic jams, etc, etc, etc. My travel anxiety begins before I even start to pack and continues until the moment I get into my hotel room (or home). I’m always braced for the worst. I am soft-spoken and submissive when talking to airline agents because I don’t want to be put by the bathroom. I am eternally hoping for someone to introduce family flights/business traveller flight options. And it makes me crazy when people don’t know the rules at the security check. TAKE YOUR BELT OFF! Also, I can get pretty OCD about seat selection and ridicule my friends for not being near a laptop when the check-in notification arrives. 

So last year when AMEX approached me to be an Ambassador I was down for it right away having heard already about the benefits associated with AMEX travel. Those of you who read the blog on the regular will recall a few of the travel benefits I highlighted in 2014. It was all about comfort, speed, efficiency, all the small but important details that lowered my travel stress to manageable, even non-existent, levels.

That’s what defines me as a traveller. Time is valuable. So if I can leave the car with the valet at the front, skip the line-up at security using  Amex’s Cloud 10 access and then hit up the lounge to post and eat breakfast, it saves me a lot of it. This is what I value most. All I ever want to do is to get back to my blog.

On Monday AMEX launched another service that makes the whole airport experience a lot more enjoyable. Entertainment on Cloud 10 brings free eBooks and music downloads to travellers visiting Pearson International Airport through a partnership with Harper Collins and Sony Music. So when you’re chilling in the lounge (or anywhere in Pearson for that matter) you can access their growing library of eBooks and music. And the great thing about this is that you don’t have to be an AMEX Cardmember to take advantage. It’s available when you log into Wi-Fi. My picks for you next time you go through? Caitlin Moran’s How To Build A Girl and something by Bruno Mars.

If you want more information about the full line of AMEX Cardmember benefits or are interested in finding out about which card might be right for you, please click here for the main site or here to visit the Facebook page.

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