Best Fantasy Gig – The Emmytones

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Written by Duana

You know I love to sing, right? There’s been enough indication of that here, and anyone who knows me will tell you.

Which is why I got so giddy at the Emmytones. Here’s how I think it went down, in my fantasy. The producers called around to showrunners/producers. “Who can sing on your show?” Then, they eliminated those who were too famous, and anyone from Glee, because obviously. And then when they had a list of 20 or so, they were like “Let’s choose kind of out-of-the-box people, who you only know if you know.”

And this is how Joel McHale and Cobie Smulders, two of my crushes, wound up on the same stage in the same gig.

I love them both but my mom will never know either of their names. Or Kate Flannery’s, or Wilmer, or – you get the idea. It was kind of an in joke for those in the know. If you’re geek enough to appreciate scripted songs that are silly intros to categories, then you’re geek enough to have a few faves.

For Joel McHale, it was a perfect fit. He spends his professional career making fun of everything, whether on The Soup or on Community. He would climb out of his skin trying to keep a straight face presenting an award.

And for Cobie Smulders, it’s a treat! “Your show’s not nominated, and everyone knows your show as “Oh yeah, Neil Patrick Harris, he’s kind of funny, oh, and he’s gay, you know, so it’s not like you’re getting papped every day, come on down!”

I think it would be almost more fun than being a guest. There’s no pressure, your dress is predetermined, and you get to live out your show-choir fantasy.

What, no? That’s not everyone’s fantasy? How many people do you think turned that gig down? Nobody turned that down. They were bragging to all their friends. I am so happy the age of being too cool for school is gone in favour of the age of powder blue jackets. (Lainey: but why was it so small???)

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