I’m glad you dropped out

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 29, 2010 08:50:51 April 29, 2010 08:50:51

Of Something Borrowed. I was worried that you were poor. Click here to read my thoughts on it at the time. I mean, really, what on earth would you be doing in a formulaic romcom with Kate Hudson who keeps making the same sh-tty movie over and over again, this time based on a sh-tty book? It just didn’t seem like your gear. And I was disappointed.

So when it was confirmed that you had changed your mind, I was relieved. Because you are better than this. You are not Matthew McConaughey. But you are looking pretty thin. Hot, but thin. At the Tribeca Film Festival premiere last night of Ondine with Alicja Bachleda, your baby mother and your lover. Of course I am fond of her because I know she makes you happy but forgive me when I say that dress, it’s the sh-ts. It does nothing for her. Also... tell her lavender is a Never.

I hope to see Ondine. I hope in June it’s released where I am. I may be biased but I love the trailer. It’s terribly dark, grey, and romantic. And I really like it when you make out with women in movies. Will you be in Cannes? I think you need a vacation in the French Riviera. I doubt it but am hoping to see you there.

Your always.


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